This is Us

San Francisco’s award-winning international in-house team consists of top comms and PR professionals, working in a variety of languages, to help companies and brands grow their awareness and credibility. 

We help create PR & comms strategies that drive their business growth, and proactively generate national and international media coverage every month. 

Enabled by our PR software Valosan, we can scale our work globally in local markets.


Why has San Francisco Agency decided to focus on PR?

For us, PR is not just one slide inside a marketing plan. It is our core. We believe in it, and we excel in it.

Doing one thing – international PR for innovative, ambitious companies and brands – super well, helps us focus all our efforts from learning, recruiting, sales to marketing and beyond.

By focusing solely on PR, we have found the balance between creativity, simplicity to execute and getting multiple media hits month after month for our clients. And reputation is the way to build new brands faster – our clients, whether they are early-stage startups, growing scaleups or corporate new business units, are mostly new brands, which appreciate our strict focus and the return they are getting from their investment.

For more established companies and brands, we are a great partner in implementing international PR for supporting their long-term strategy and work in sync with their marketing communications teams or partners.

Join us

We’re a group of professionals, working together to help our clients gain international media coverage and grow. We’re positive, bold and optimistic, but serious in what we do.

Our team is energetic, and being playful allows us to develop our culture and psychological safety. We respect others and our environment is honest and encouraging for everyone to be themselves.

But we also need to get stuff done, so we often use a straightforward and down-to-earth style of communications.