Steve Lee



Director, Comms Strategy


November 2017

Stephen Lee (Steve) specializes in working with companies to co-create the foundation of their communications and help them think outside the box.

Steve is an MBA and machine design engineer who has over 35 years of business development, marketing communications, engineering, data analysis, process design, strategic business development, and software development management experience from both Finland and the United States. He has worked with a wide range of companies, from General Motors and Bosch to being CEO and COO of different Finnish startups in his over 24 years in Finland.

Prior to joining San Francisco in 2017, he spent seven years as a senior consultant at Miltton, the leading Nordic communications agency, responsible for digital, employer branding, and communications projects for some of the largest international companies in Finland.

“My passion is to inspire and coach people, so they and their companies can do things they never thought were possible.”

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