Per-Ola Mjömark



Senior PR & Comms Manager


March 2024

Per-Ola brings a wealth of experience to the table, specializing in storytelling, securing media coverage, managing PR operations, and training spokespeople – often with a focus on tech and business, for both international and Swedish media outlets.

Prior to San Francisco Agency, Per-Ola played a pivotal role in PR activities and media relations at Cloudberry Communications in Stockholm. There, he assisted B2B and consumer brand companies in obtaining targeted coverage across online and print media platforms.

With a bachelor’s degree in journalism from the University of Gothenburg, Per-Ola is a proficient writer in both Swedish and English. Additionally, he serves as a non-commissioned officer in the Swedish military reserves, specializing in public affairs.

In summary, Per-Ola’s expertise lies in crafting effective PR strategies and fostering meaningful connections between brands and their audiences.

Per-Ola is based in Stockholm.

Having spent years immersed in the Nordic media landscape, I'm well-equipped to assist you in crafting some great content and fostering meaningful media relationships.

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