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Learn how we helped Cuckoo create comprehensive strategies and worked on their existing and new comms and PR assets.

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Why should your company invest in media training? 

Investing in media training pays off. After training, you will know how to pitch your story effectively, articulate your key messages, and navigate various situations, whether it’s a routine interview pitch or a crisis communication scenario.


Read about how San Francisco Agency helped Mjuk get media attention in English-speaking, Swedish and Finnish media


Läs mer om hur San Francisco Agency hjälpte Mjuk med att få medieuppmärksamhet i Sverige och Internationellt

"The story (of the) line"

It all starts with a line.

Any brand renewal has to have a purpose – ours all started with a single line. Read on to find out more.

Mythbusting the PR agency life

When most people born after 1980 think of an international PR agency, they might be thinking of Samantha from Sex and the City. Not really

Getting back in the PR saddle

Focusing on PR work after your hopefully-as-relaxing-as-possible summer vacation can feel like quite the task, and you may have tons of questions. No need to

Finnish startup ecosystem support for Ukraine

On the 25th of February, a day after the Russian unlawful invasion of Ukraine, the Finnish startup VC and other ecosystem players announced their willingness to help Ukrainians residing in Finland by giving them an opportunity to work at the Maria 01 startup hub’s premises for free. Now, the participating VC investors, including Evli Growth Partners, Voima Ventures, NGP Capital, Maki VC, and OpeanOcean have decided to donate money for the initiative to make sure that all willing Ukrainians can use the opportunity to work at Maria 01.

How I managed 11 simultaneous press releases with the help of Valosan

How can you create, pitch, distribute and collect media hits for several different press releases without getting lost in the media management process?

The only way to manage this was with the help of Valosan – the most powerful PR software for managing media relationships.