Innomost, a producer of high-quality birch bark products for the beauty industry, was looking for a seasoned partner to help them make a big splash in the media about their funding announcement.

The company got significant funding to support building its own production facilities and scaling its operations to make the forestry industry use its side streams for the circular economy.

They had raised €5M euros to replace palm oil, fossil fuels, and food-origin ingredients in consumer products.

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What we did

In the summer of 2021, San Francisco Agency helped Innomost announce its €5M funding in Finland and to the global English-speaking media.

Additionally, San Francisco Agency managed Innomost’s social media channels during the announcement and gave valuable feedback and guidance in building their media kit with beautiful visuals that spoke about the team, their innovation, and the raw material they use in their unique birch bark products, all produced from side streams of the forestry industry.

Media Hits

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Innomost’s story spread all around the world, in both print and online news, and coverage included all kinds of media, from tech to industry media outlets.

Innomost’s CEO and CMO were interviewed for multiple outlets in Finland and globally. Thanks to the campaign, Innomost was able to gather a lot of buzz for its unique solution, which has helped them to be featured in the media time and time again after the initial funding announcement – giving them strong momentum in PR for a long time.

We were more than pleased with the results of working with San Francisco. We got all together over 50 media hits in the major industry and tech news, with lots of interviews for both print and paper. We potentially reached millions of readers in media, both consumers and industry experts. We have gained significantly more interest in our company and products as a result. Our experience of working with the SF team was smooth and professional, and we can recommend them to everyone planning on announcing their newest funding to the media.

Sami Selkälä
CEO, Founder

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