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Liquid biopsy cancer testing is one of the most transformational innovations in healthcare for the next decade, directly unlocking better outcomes for patients.

In fall 2022, Switzerland-based biotech company Hedera Dx raised €14M in funding to launch its blood-based testing solution to profile cancer DNA circulating in the blood to help more cancer patients get better therapy options and better outcomes.

Founded by Tommi Lehtonen, Damien Lapray, and Christian Meisel in 2021, the company was looking for a seasoned partner to help them make a big splash in the media about their funding announcement.


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What we did

San Francisco Agency helped Hedera Dx announce its €14M funding round to the world, driving the campaign’s media strategy, content, pitching (outreach), distribution, and reporting.


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Hedera Dx garnered over 20 media hits in various healthtech, startup, and business media – including Sifted, MedTech Insight, and an interview with GenomeWeb.

Thanks to the campaign, Hedera Dx generated a lot of buzz about its unique solution, which has helped them to be featured in the media time and time again after the initial funding announcement – giving them strong momentum in PR for a long time.



"It has been a real pleasure working with Tim from San Francisco Agency to get our first PR out successfully. The whole process was managed with a lot of professionalism, agility and efficiency. Thanks for all your strong support and advice!"

Elodie Caroti Francisco
Head of Marketing

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