4 Must-Have PR Tools to Improve Your PR Work and Get More Media Hits

The internet is full of interesting digital tools that promise to make communications and marketing easier for you. However, no one has the time to go through all of them and try to find the most suitable options. That’s why we decided to make your job a bit easier and share what we believe are the best tools for PR work.

As PR experts, we always want to find the best ways to work, and that’s why technology is an essential part of our PR efforts. We use each tool on this list ourselves, so we can recommend them.

1. Valosan – A tool for pitching your story to the media 

Valosan is a PR tool created by San Francisco Agency, which makes PR operations more efficient and gives you better results. We use Valosan in every PR campaign of ours. 
Valosan makes it easy to manage media lists and pitch your press releases to journalists. Valosan also makes it simple to distribute releases simultaneously to hundreds of media outlets. Contacting journalists often takes a considerable amount of time, but with Valosan, communication is quick, easy, and systematic. You stay informed about the campaign’s progress at all times. 
Valosan is also suitable for companies that use freelancers or other external partners for PR. You can grant access to anyone you want, and everyone knows what has already been done in the campaign. 
From Valosan, you can easily download campaign results or share them with others. You can effortlessly showcase the impressive results your hard work has achieved.
Read more: valosan.com.

2. CISION – A TOOL FOR FINDING the right journalists 


In PR, one of the most crucial aspects is identifying the right journalists. You need to familiarize yourself with the topics journalists cover, the type of stories they write, and what interests them. Without this knowledge, you can’t craft personalized and engaging story pitches for them.

There are many tools for finding journalists, but one of the best is Cision, which makes it easy to comprehend the profiles of selected journalists. Cision categorizes journalists based on subject areas, allowing you to gather information about the types of stories a journalist produces. 

Creating lists for various campaigns in Cision is also straightforward, and you can quickly import these lists into platforms like Valosan.




3. AI Content Wizard – A Tool For Crafting the Best Headlines

Journalists are much like their readers: they’re captivated by intriguing headlines. Journalists’ inboxes are flooded with story pitches, and they don’t open nearly every message. Therefore, their interest must be piqued by a compelling headline.

Crafting headlines is an art form that only a few master. Fortunately, technology has come to the rescue for many. One excellent tool is Writeraccess’s AI Content Wizard, which generates captivating headlines for the topics you select and provides great ideas for story topics. This tool proves invaluable for all marketing efforts and can be a significant asset in PR.


4. ChatGPT – A Tool for Generating Story Ideas

Most of us have already heard about ChatGPT, and many use it in their work. It’s not news that ChatGPT is a significant aid in communication and marketing as well.

You can inquire with ChatGPT about trends and specific topic suggestions that interest journalists. It’s about knowing how to feed the AI with the right information. While ChatGPT doesn’t provide perfect answers or ready-made press releases and pitches, it offers substantial assistance in brainstorming topics. For this reason, ChatGPT is also one of the most crucial tools in PR. However, remember not to input any confidential or sensitive data to ChatGPT. Always keep the conversation at a general level and avoid revealing your company’s information.

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