In early 2022, SuperGround was preparing to launch its unique food production technology to the world. The company’s technology has the power to make the food production industry more sustainable and efficient simultaneously. SuperGround partnered with San Francisco Agency to define its core story and key messaging with a communications strategy, plan its PR activities for the company launch and beyond with an international PR plan, and receive operational help when launching the international PR.

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To pave the way for SuperGround’s brand work, go-to-market strategy, and company launch, it was essential to define the company’s impact and purpose-driven core story and key messaging, with the San Francisco team spearheading this process to define SuperGround’s Communications Strategy. Next, a PR Plan was made to determine the targets, steps, and topics on how to launch the company and its technology internationally. Then, San Francisco helped launch the company with a planned and targeted international PR campaign in target media and markets.

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With the planned and targeted PR campaign consisting of key media lists, pitching, and embargoed press release, the San Francisco Agency team pitched dozens of Finnish and international journalists to create interest. As a result, directly after the launch, SuperGround received substantial media interest, interview requests, and coverage in the food industry and technology media, including WIRED. The media coverage of over 100 media articles during and after the launch has helped SuperGround establish its place in the food production industry and helped its other sales and marketing processes.

San Francisco and SuperGround also continued with an ongoing PR cooperation after the launch.

"We have been extremely pleased with San Francisco Agency’s work. Their communications, PR planning, and operational work helped us align our messaging and get substantial media interest and coverage. As a result, we have been featured in more than 100 media stories, including substantial international media, TV news and shows, and media interviews. This has helped us to carve our place in the industry, get inbound leads and contacted by potential customers, and open up business opportunities.”

Tuomas Koskinen
Co-founder and CEO

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