SpinDrive, a Finnish cleantech company producing active magnetic bearings for industrial production, chose San Francisco Agency as their partner to announce their Series A funding round and highlight how their groundbreaking technology helps reduce climate emissions, energy consumption and maintenance needs in factories to potential customers, partners and investors in the EU and United States.


What we did

We worked to create an English press release that would work both for industry-specific media and business news outlets. Then, we pitched the news to select contacts interested in sustainability, cleantech, and industrial innovation. We pitched to a broad array of media in a large variety of markets, focusing mainly on EU and U.S. outlets.

Media Hits

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The campaign generated 34 media hits in multiple verticals, and achieved the desired outcome from SpinDrive: A balance between tech/business media and the industry outlets their potential clients read. SpinDrive saw a sharp increase in website traffic, requests, and social media following after the launch.

Theo and Chris from San Francisco Agency did a great job helping us announce SpinDrive’s Series A round. They got up to speed quickly and understood our business and solution very rapidly. We had a truly collaborative spirit during the campaign, allowing us to deliver the right message to both trade and tech media on time.

Nikita Uzhegov
COO & Co-founder

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