Oura Health

An 18-month collaboration focusing on international PR and brand awareness.

What we did

As Oura started its international growth, San Francisco first helped the team focus their messaging on the theme of sleep. We then began consistent operational work to get and keep Oura in the media. When big stories blew up, we handled all media relations inquiries and organized a few media events.

Media Hits

As Seen in


We helped Oura Health develop as a recognized thought leader on sleep, and their experts were asked to keynote at different conferences around the world and gained wide brand recognition through TV, print, and online media. This led to not only demand for the rings but also further international investments in the company.

"We have definitely achieved plenty of visibility with you, and San Francisco Agency has given a significant boost to our growth. A big thank you!"

Marjo Piirto
Head of Growth

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