Musti ja Mirri

In December 2022, San Francisco Agency helped Musti ja Mirri, the biggest pet supply store chain in the Nordics, launch their New Year’s campaign for animal-friendly celebration.

Musti ja Mirri

What we did

New Year’s Eve is not an easy day for pet owners around the globe. Due to loud noises caused by fireworks, many pet owners spend their New Year’s Eve home, trying to calm their beloved family members down. Together with Musti ja Mirri, Erma&Reinikainen, and United Imaginations, San Francisco Agency planned a PR campaign to spread the word on why fireworks are harmful and reminding celebrants to be aware of the dogs.

Media Hits

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One green


The story was picked up by Finnish and international media outlets, such as Hufvudstadsbladet, Markkinointiuutiset, and One Green Planet. Due to the successful social media campaign, Musti the 3D dog’s story gained over 10 million impressions. In addition, the campaign received a Bronze Lion at Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity.

It was easy to work with San Francisco Agency's team, and the achieved media visibility played a significant role in the campaign. Communicating with Reetta and Salli was effortless, and we were very happy with the results we received. We felt it was important to raise awareness for an issue many people have not even thought of. With the help of San Francisco Agency, we were able to spread the word to traditional media outlets, which was key in involving and engaging as many people as possible.

Eveliina Rantahalvari
Head of Marketing, Finland

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