Mö had great success with its innovative, first-in-the-world oat-based vegan cheese Mö kreikkalainen by selling it to wide distribution via Espresso House and Lidl. But now the company was faced with a difficult situation – the local food administration ruled that the product name must be changed, as it was seen as misleading. However, the food industry and consumer market are full of products named with the same conventions, so Mö wanted to bring its case up for public discussion.

What we did

San Francisco Agency helped Mö in bringing the story to the public stage by creating a press release that spoke about the contradicting cases of naming consumer foods. Then, by VIP pitching to all main media outlets in Finland, and with wider distribution of the press release, new vegan food innovations and food naming conventions were the topics of the day.

Media Hits

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Mö founders were interviewed and featured in all of the largest business and consumer media outlets in Finland. Finnish Twitter and other social media platforms were full of supporting messages, and the local food administration was contacted several times by consumers, demanding an explanation of this ruling. After the campaign, the administration updated its website to cater to the growing demand to explain its decisions and how they are made.

"We received professional help from Reetta and Salli from San Francisco Agency, both in the planning and implementation of the PR campaign. The project progressed quickly and clearly, from creating a press release to contacting the media. Thanks to this, we received a huge number of media hits & interview requests - more than we could have expected! The entire Mö team was really satisfied with the end result."

Annamari Jukkola
CEO, Co-founder

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