In October 2023, Kausal, a Finnish climate tech startup helping cities reach their sustainability goals, chose to work with San Francisco Agency on announcing its seed funding round. Kausal and San Francisco worked together to create an announcement and pitch the story to hand-picked journalists to drum up interest for Kausal’s solution and ambitious plans.

What we did

We created a press release English, as well as all key assets to go with them. We then pitched the story to climate tech and startup media in all markets, and coordinated interviews with the Kausal team, before we distributed the press release to a larger segment of media contacts, followed up, and reported published news to Kausal.

Media Hits

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The story was picked up by tech and startup media like EU Startups and Tech.eu as well as Tier 1 international media outlet Fast Company. After getting coverage in international media, Kausal’s social media follower metrics peaked and the team has been able to deepen its relationship with customers.

It was a pleasure to work with San Francisco Agency during our fundraising PR campaign. Despite initial apprehensions based on past experiences, my concerns about the workload on Kausal's end proved unfounded – their process was very smooth and well-established. Their team had a clear understanding of what information they needed from Kausal and were able to gather that efficiently. Moreover, our feedback and change requests were not only welcomed but promptly incorporated. We are very happy with the end result of getting international media attention.

Sonja-Maria Ignatius
CEO & Co-founder

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