San Francisco Agency is the long-term PR partner for Casi, a Norwegian car subscription and mobility-as-a-service company. Casi provides all the tools needed to run a car subscription service, and our long-term goals for PR include educating the industry about new models for car access and disrupting the traditional car ownership model through strategic PR.

What we did

Starting with a launch campaign for their partnership with Hyundai Europe, San Francisco Agency then built a long-term PR strategy for Casi, and we are executing monthly campaigns and proactive pitching on an ongoing basis, building Casi spokespersons as thought leaders in the industry and creating awareness through strategic PR campaigns towards EU automotive and tech media.

Media Hits

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The Hyundai Europe partnership campaign received a wide range of publications in both automotive and technology media across Europe, and in multiple languages such as Spanish, German, English and Norwegian. We have also had success getting strategic thought leadership articles in target media.

Working with Theo and Tim from San Francisco Agency has been a game changer. Together, we work to increase Casi’s global visibility as the leading car subscription technology provider and position key people from our team as mobility thought leaders. Working with the SF team has helped me establish PR as a key pillar of our inbound marketing strategy, and the more we work together, the easier my life becomes.

Jordan Symonds
Head of Communication

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