In Spring 2023, San Francisco was in charge of Carbonaide’s spinout and funding story, unveiling for the first time the company’s incredible technology that can make concrete manufacturing carbon-negative.

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What we did

San Francisco executed an international, English-language PR campaign targeting technology, startup, and trade media in construction and concrete. San Francisco created the press release together with the Carbonaide team, pitched the story to VIP journalists and distributed the press release.

Media Hits

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The story was covered by tier-1 startup and technology media in Europe and the United States, including Business Insider, TechCrunch, and Sifted. World Economic Forum also highlighted Carbonaide on social media. The press release resulted in several trade media hits.

"The large amount of earned media coverage we received has put a spotlight on Carbonaide that helps us get into conversations with potential customers, partners and investors. Ever since the launch day, we have been busy handling a wave of interest in our company. Thanks to San Francisco's work, the PR campaign has been able to capture the best of both worlds – large international media outlets and more niche, specialist media."

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