In August 2023, we helped Adsorbi, a Swedish startup focusing on using sustainable cellulose to make carbon-neutral air purification systems, announce their seed funding round in local and international media. Metsä Group’s innovation company Metsä Spring participated in the round, and as their dedicated PR partner we handled every aspect of the campaign, including coordination with other investors.

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What we did

Coordinating between Adsorbi and participating investors like Metsä Spring and Chalmers Ventures, we created a press release and key PR assets for Swedish and international startup, funding, forestry and sustainability media. We then pitched the story to key media contacts in all markets and coordinated interviews. On embargo, we distributed the press release to a wide array of contacts and reported media coverage to the Adsorbi team.

Media Hits

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We got significant media attention for the news in both Swedish and international media outlets, including Forbes. For international media, we also saw published news in funding media like Silicon Canals and EU-Startups, as well as leading industry media like AirQualityNews and Bioenergy International. In Sweden, leading outlets like Breakit and Ny Teknik covered the announcement.

San Francisco helped us spreading the news of our first investment round, and we couldn’t be happier with the results. We got more than 30 media hits internationally which just in a few days lead to many customer leads. Working with San Francisco early in our company journey has helped us accelerate our media presence.

Hanna Johansson
CEO and Co-founder

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