In Spring 2023, San Francisco and Luonkos worked together on a new Communications Strategy for the company.

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What we did

San Francisco ran a series of workshops for key people at Luonkos to build a Communications Strategy with a resonating story.

What was achieved

Luonkos found ways to think outside the box about the company’s mission and vision. Keeping women as the core target audience, Luonkos has a revamped unique value proposition, story, and more focus in their communications and marketing efforts.

"San Francisco challenged us to think beyond our products and increase the ambition level of our communications. We want to challenge the status quo of the cosmetics industry while inspiring women to break free, and feel good, empowered and beautiful. With the new Communications Strategy, we have a foundation to keep building the Luonkos story even further."

Piritta Fors
CEO, co-founder

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