Casper Wilstrup CEO of Abzu

Abzu® is the best in class in silico RNA therapeutics company. Founded in 2018, Abzu has developed proprietary explainable AI, which has been the cornerstone to their approach, establishing Abzu as a global leader in explainable AI and drug discovery.

Today, Abzu is unlocking the future of RNA therapeutics by combining their expertise in siRNA, saRNA, ASOs, and anti-miRNA and their proprietary, explainable AI technology to transform insights into market-ready drugs.

Abzu has offices in Copenhagen and Barcelona, and has raised €13.3M in total funding to date. Abzu has been mentioned in Gartner® research, from Market Guides for AI Trust, Risk, and Security Management to Cool Vendor™, and is the winner of several awards, including the 2023 “Best HealthTech” Nordics Award at the Nordic Startup Awards.

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What we did

In the spring of 2023, San Francisco Agency and Abzu began an ongoing collaboration with two main objectives:

1. Build CEO Casper Wilstrup’s reputation and be at the top of every journalist’s list for AI in the Nordics.

2. Address audiences in scientific research and drug discovery.

Before we began the operational work to make Casper well-known, we first had to create a Comms & PR strategy. This included identifying unique company selling points, identifying the themes and topics of thought leadership that would be available to Casper, collecting and building media assets that we’ll use to support Casper’s thought leadership, and building a highly targeted and relevant media and event pitching list.

What was achieved

During our ongoing collaboration, Casper has been featured in several well-established podcasts, including IBM’s Making Data Simple, The Healthtech Podcast, the EU-Startups podcast, the AI and Digital Transformation podcast, and the AI for Pharma Growth podcast.

He’s also been featured in the written media, such as Spiceworks, The AI Journal, and Analytics Insight.

San Francisco Agency also successfully pitched Casper to speak on stage at conferences like Latitude59 and the World AI Summit in Barcelona.

We simply would not have gotten as many podcast, editorial, or interview opportunities if it hadn’t been for San Francisco. Collaborating with them has been instrumental to our PR strategy and execution.

Elyse Sims, MBA
Marketing & Communications

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