Lou Covey
Lou Covey

Get Known Podcast S4 E8: Lou Covey – Cyber Protection Magazine

Get Known podcast: Get inside the journalists’ mindset.

In this episode, we had the pleasure of talking with Lou Covey the editor of Cyber Protection Magazine and the Crucial Tech podcast. Although we have a deep interest in both these subjects, in this podcast episode, we dove into the world of industry-specific media, both on the side of journalism and a bit on the economics of running and editing this type of publication. As you will hear, Lou has a background not only in publishing but also in PR and media.

When you talk to someone with such a diverse background and experience, you get a great view from both sides of the table when it comes to PR. Industry-specific media also has its own nuances and economic model. We get the chance to dive deeper into how companies can better appeal to industry media, particularly about the unique cooperation marketing and press coverage have in industry-specific media.

Lou has been doing journalism everywhere, from local news to well-known publications like the New York Times. So he brought all his experience to the table, sharing information on the origins of the term earned media (go Finland!) and his decision-making on what to cover for Cyber Protection Magazine. He talks about the balance between news sourcing and sponsorship. We also discuss journalism ethics within industry-specific media, his observations of how marketing and salespeople work together inside companies, and where journalism and PR fit within that combination. And an unforgettable history lesson about free press and advertising.

I really enjoyed not only the facts and observations that Lou brought to the table but also the real-life stories of his experiences that brought home this key area of journalism. Both the magazine and the podcast are looking to be a source of knowledge about the area of cybersecurity, where there are not that many voices clarifying the landscape of more than 5000 companies that are offering products and services. So, if you want industry-specific coverage for your company, this episode is a great opportunity to hear great advice from the inside.

  • Every successful company spends 10% of its revenue on marketing.
  • Earned Media is a term that was popularized by Nokia (go Finland)
  • According to Lou, PR is a great opportunity to strengthen marketing messages and sales opportunities.
  • No matter your success in business, it is important to build a reputation.
  • AI-generated text and coding still require checking and are highly suspect for journalism. You need a smart person with real knowledge to still check line by line to create something that is publishable.

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