Get Known Podcast S3 E6: Khari Johnson – Wired

Get Known podcast: Get inside the journalists’ mindset.

In this episode, we had the pleasure of talking with Khari Johnson, Senior Writer at Wired Magazine. 

We originally thought that his focus was AI but found out that his work goes far beyond that to the “intersection of technology, society, and power.” We take the technology that drives our lives for granted as it is so seamless that it often has huge amounts of influence over the way we function and yet we have no idea how much it impacts us.

In this interview, Khari tells about some of the places his reporting has taken him to and shares his process for getting stories both written and published. We talk about working with editors and throughout he helps build a great understanding of the life of a tech writer. He also shares some of the inspirational past of his family’s roots in journalism and how diversity can help make journalism and publishing better.

Key takeaways include:

  • Examples of the flaws and issues he has found in advanced tech that violate human rights. 
  • We talk about the differences between reporting and activism. 
  • Issues with diversity in tech media journalism and what more diversity would do to improve the way tech reporting is done.   
  • Khari helps us understand his pitch inbox and his advice on good pitching. Note: don’t take it personally if he does not get back to you.
  • The commitment is always to the readers so follow what he is writing to get an idea of what can make good use of everyone’s time. 
  • There is a process for “corrections” and understanding how serious corrections are taken within a publication like Wired.
  • There are some differences between media etiquette inside and outside Finland and he shares some of his observations. 
  • Khari was inspired by his family’s personal history in journalism around the story of his relatives that delivered and worked for the famous black newspaper, The Defender.  
  • He gives a great explanation of the differences between “off the record,” “on background,” or “on the record”.

Listen to the newest episode of the Get Known podcast with Khari Johnson to learn more!

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