Get Known Podcast S3 E2: Lisa Morgan – InformationWeek

Get Known podcast: Get inside the journalists’ mindset.

In this episode, we had the pleasure of talking with Lisa Morgan, content strategist, and journalist for InformationWeek. If you are into nerdy subjects and bringing life to stories about tech, Lisa has done it all. She shares key points about her process for finding good stories in the tech world, along with how following her interests drives her writing. 

She also talks about how COVID-19 in 2020 affected tech reporting and what exciting themes 2021 will bring. In her mind, we have all learned a lot, and the entire tech world has transformed into a world where we must be agile, and we have to use tech to pivot. Lisa also talks about the way she uses AI in her own work.   

In our discussion, Lisa also went through the process she goes through in pitching new ideas to her editors.  We discuss what editors are concerned about and the pressures that journalists are under to help the publication reach its readership goals. Lisa shares how editors differ and what makes them choose one topic over another. 

We have spoken to some journalists who say bringing humanity into a tech story is difficult. But I was surprised to find out that for Lisa, it’s fairly easy. She says it’s all in asking the right questions and having the right source with the right credibility with the audience.

Takeaways from the conversation with Lisa Morgan from InformationWeek

  • Non-tech people who communicate about tech, like PR companies, need to be able to know the bits and bytes to properly pitch and interest journalists 
  • Tech people need to understand what the journalist covers and read about what they do
  • People don’t look beyond the online lists. Don’t use a database as a substitute for thinking
  • Your goal should be to create a relationship with the journalist 
  • Use HARO other services to reach a journalist on subjects they really care about.  When pitching through these services, strictly use the explicit instructions the journalist provides 
  • Not all journalists cover the news. Lisa is one that doesn’t cover the news. She covers important topics in the world of tech and reaches out for sources. So she advises sending press releases to journalists who you are sure to want those releases and information. Sending unwanted information is a good way to get ignored by a journalist
  • Every journalist has their preferences for contacting. As you build your relationships with each journalist, know the ways they like to share and communicate.

Listen to the newest episode of the Get Known podcast with Lisa Morgan to learn more!

We hope you enjoy the podcast! Please feel free to email us with any questions, suggestions, and opinions to or tweet us at @SF_Agency!

We hope you enjoy the podcast! Please feel free to email us with any questions, suggestions, and opinions to or tweet us at @SF_Agency!

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