Get Known Podcast S2 E2: Amy Lewin – Sifted

by | Jan 14, 2020 | Get Known, PR

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What is Get Known?

Here at the Get Known podcast, we interview journalists about their work and what they cover so that companies know better how to engage with the press and get their company covered in the media.

Our big goal is to make sure that companies out there who are reaching out to the press, build the right relationships, pitch the right ideas and understand better what wastes journalists and their time.

This episode

In this episode, we spoke with Amy Lewin from Sifted, a new media site for Europe’s entrepreneurs backed by the Financial Times. Sifted gets deep with startups beyond the funding and into the interesting stories, trends, and how-tos of being an entrepreneur.

Amy talks about everything from how she became a journalist to some solid advice for anyone looking to pitch to media.

Key takeaways from Amy:

  • “Don’t think of it as a pitch, think of it as a conversation you are starting.”
  • Find out what Amy thinks about cold calls or no cold calls?
  • Amy talks about establishing working relationships with journalists. “Journalists that you want to follow your story all the way through are really worth knowing… And it takes time.”
  • Amy also provides some tips on how to get the press to come to you.

And that’s just the start! Listen to the Get Known podcast with Amy Lewin for the full interview.

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