How to craft your PR message for the media at Slush

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Craft your company’s PR message for Slush journalists. Tell your story in the way they like. Get coverage.

Slush is an amazing experience for startups and SMEs, but getting heard above the noise can be a real challenge. We’re offering 2 free 2-hour workshops for companies attending Slush this year to help them get their PR and messaging conference-ready. By the end, you’ll not only know how to tell your story to journalists, but you’ll also have a story their readers want to hear.

By signing up, you will:

  • Be able to attend 2 workshops that will get your PR ready for Slush and will help you spread your message at the conference
  • Get one-to-one consultation on your company’s PR strategy, messaging and targeting
  • Learn about the components of a successful PR campaign, and how to implement them for conferences like Slush
  • Get tips on finding the right journalists to talk to at Slush, and coaching on how to talk to them
  • Understand what is the most newsworthy aspect of your company
  • How to shape your story for maximum effect

PR Workshop #1:
Getting your pre-conference PR on-point

24th October, Maria 01, 3-5pm

  • Why PR?
  • What is newsworthy?
  • Launching at conferences
  • Media kits, press releases, PR plans
  • One-to-one consultations

PR Workshop #2:
How to talk to journalists at Slush

29th November, location and time TBA

  • Story vs. pitch
  • What journalists want to hear
  • Finding the right journalist
  • Crafting your story
  • One-to-one consultations

Slush ticket with access to Founders’ Day required

Space at both workshops is limited to 30 spaces (1 person per company), so sign up early to make sure you get your spot. When signing up, you are committing to attending both the pre-conference workshop st Maria 01 and the Founder’s Day workshop during Slush week. These workshops are offered together as they’re specifically designed to help attendees kick butt PR-wise all the way from the lead-up to Slush until the afterparty.

Spaces are already being snapped up, so take a few minutes to sign up today!