The Things You Need to Know from Slush 2017

by Jan 8, 2018San Francisco Agency

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Another year, another Slush – and boy, was it a good one! Now that we’ve all had a chance to let the slush settle, let’s recap some of the most exciting things for San Francisco and our clients at Slush.

The Things You Need to Know from Slush 2017 | San Francisco Agency - Marketing & PR for Global Growth

(Credit: Petri Anttila Photography, Slush 2017)

Official Slush 2017 Media Partner

San Francisco was honored to be an official Supporting Partner for Slush 2017. We worked with the world’s best tech conference to organize free workshops for companies attending the event at Maria 01 and Founders’ Day on getting your pre-conference PR on point, as well as how to talk to journalists.

In addition to being an official Supporting Partner, we were also busy helping our clients prep for the conference, with a total of 14 in attendance!

Take a look at what some of our clients were up to at Slush 17

Sino Track Goes Slush by COMB+ – The Road to China

Chinese business accelerator COMB+ and the Beijing Institute of Collaborative Innovation (BICI) announced a €65 million Artificial Intelligence Fund that will focus on opening the door for international technology startups entering the Chinese market. To promote this, COMB+ were partners in hosting the Sino Track Goes Slush side event – a formidable pitching competition where international companies get the chance to receive free participation in the Sino Track accelerator program and see what it takes to enter the Chinese market.

MeetFrank – Official Slush Matchmaking Partner

As the only official recruitment tool at Slush, MeetFrank allows job seekers to discreetly search for work and speak to potential employers anonymously. The company aims to bring transparency to the job market by helping passive job seekers assess their employment options without risking their jobs. During Slush, the platform got over 4,500 new users and 320 companies submitting over 800 jobs.

The Things You Need to Know from Slush 2017 | San Francisco Agency - Marketing & PR for Global Growth

(Credit: Valuer+)

Valuer+ kicked off their international launch at Slush with their human-curated platform to help corporations find the most relevant startups. The company recruited 108 agents to weave through the startups at Slush to try and recruit the most innovative startups in Fintech, IoT, Cleantech and AI into the Valuer platform. Over 2,500 agents are registered and Valuer’s database has over 10,000 startups listed, matchmaking with corporates such as Danske Bank and Microsoft.

Major Funding from China for Finnish Startups

Ascend Capital Partners announced an investment of over 24 million euros in four early-stage Finnish technology companies. Helsinki-based Canatu and Fimmic joined Tampere’s Grundium and Oulu’s Tactotek in receiving funding as part of Ascend’s major investment in European markets. Ascend’s unique “cluster” strategy is to invest in companies that have synergies with their other portfolio companies, so they provide a complete end-to-end solution for customers.

Slush 100 Showcase – Pitch Perfect

Huge congratulations go out to Altum Technologies who won the Slush 100 pitching contest of Slush 2017!

The Slush 100 competition is part of the Slush 2017 Startup Event, which gathers companies, investors and attendees from more than 130 countries, making it which one of the biggest in the world. Altum Technologies managed to fend off fierce competition from ObjectBox and AdLaunch who placed second and third respectively. Altum Technologies offers a solution to clean industrial equipment with ultrasound – without shutting down production.

Altum Technologies will receive prizes from all the Slush partners, including PR services from San Francisco.

The Things You Need to Know from Slush 2017 | San Francisco Agency - Marketing & PR for Global Growth

(Credit: Petri Anttila Photography, Slush 2017)

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