The Art of PR: Techniques, Tactics, and More

by | Mar 16, 2018 | PR

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So we’ve established the reasons why PR is important for your company and that the humble press release is still the right tool for the job in our previous posts, yet there are still plenty of nuances which we can dig out surrounding the art of PR.

Bottom line up front

When crafting your press release, make sure your audience doesn’t need to work too hard to actually find the story! Get to the point and stick to it. Carefully consider exactly who your audience is and understand precisely what it is they want to read.

An approach which considers a targeted audience helps your PR perform much better than a generalized approach – unless you’ve raised 8 figures of funding or invented the new iPhone. If you don’t know – a little research goes a long way.

Third-party quotes from investors or partners that support your news are also a superb way of establishing credibility and improving the relevancy of your announcement, and we all appreciate a small glimpse of recognition, don’t we?

Don’t wait until it’s too late – timing is everything

Sometimes you’ve worked so hard on a new product or service, you’ve forgotten to tell anyone about it. As much as timing is pivotal for market entry, timing in PR is just as important in your efforts.

Sometimes it’s good to take a beat and wait. Secured new funding? That’s great news and it’s something you’re itching to let the world know, but you want to make sure you have all the pieces in place to ensure that your news doesn’t flop.

There are several news outlets which are interested in covering funding, so a standalone funding announcement shortly followed by another PR campaign is going to really indicate strong momentum with your company.

Embargoes (a request that the news isn’t published until a certain date or time) are equally important to remember. Some journalists want to be the very first to get the scoop and may ignore the embargo, so don’t forget to get a specific acknowledgment promising to wait!

No matter which way around it is, timing is ultimately crucial.

One and done is not enough – PR is a continual process

So, you nailed your latest PR campaign, and you’ve even had people coming up to you at conferences congratulating you on your announcement. Your job is done, you say? Wrong.

Your previous campaign is simply just a building block upon which future campaigns can be built to create that “buzz” everyone talks about.

Taking the time to figure out a content strategy and planning future events will pay dividends in your PR efforts.

All companies of all sizes need to do PR

From 1-man startup ventures to corporate giants – they all need to do PR. It’s as simple as that!

If you feel like you want to know more about all of the ins and outs of PR but aren’t quite ready to go it alone, then have no fear!

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