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Get Known podcast: Get inside the journalists’ mindset.


In this episode, we had the pleasure of talking with Robin Wauters, founder of  Robin was not originally trained as a journalist but rather in marketing. He found his passion for journalism and tech in the mid-2000s after starting his own blog and then over time turning that into a media company. He has been with publishers including TechCrunch and The Next Web before starting 


Along with giving some great tips for companies that want to get into the media, Robin shares his experiences from his own journey reporting on the start-up ecosystems and technology. His work has led him to his love to see start-ups grow up in front of his eyes and this passion drives the writing of the stories in Throughout the interview, he shares insights about the editorial process and how they deal with pitches. Robin also talks about the balance between getting a news story out and wanting to dive deeper into all the cool technology that is out there to share. 


Key takeaways include:


  • Filter out buzz words like “game-changing” when you pitch.
  • It’s important to convince journalists why you are doing what you do not just brag about your “cool product”. 
  • Address the audience, not just the journalist. 
  • It is important to have done your homework, taking the time to make the pitch human and relatable. 
  • PR should be part of the focus from day one of your company even though your product and the problem you are solving are always the main focus.
  • Companies should consider becoming a soundboard for the journalist. Engage with the journalists well before you have something to announce.

Listen to the newest episode of the Get Known podcast with Robin Wauters to learn more!

Get Known Podcast S3 E5: Robin Wauters – | San Francisco Agency - Marketing & PR for Global Growth
Get Known Podcast S3 E5: Robin Wauters – | San Francisco Agency - Marketing & PR for Global Growth
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