Get Known Podcast S2 E1: Andrii Degeler –

by Jan 7, 2020Get Known, Get Known Season 2

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The Get Known podcast is back with season 2!

What is Get Known?

Here at the Get Known podcast, we interview journalists about their work and what they cover so that companies know how to engage with the press better and get their company covered in the media.

Our big goal is to make sure that companies who are reaching out to the press build the right relationships, pitch the right ideas, and better understand what wastes journalists’ time.

In this episode

In this episode of Get Known, we had the pleasure of talking with Andrii Degeler from covers the European tech entrepreneur ecosystem and mostly startup funding stories.

In the podcast, Andrii talks about his personal interest in:

  • Podcasting
  • Urban Mobility
  • Music tech and algorithmic music
  • General Aviation and civil aviation

He notes that the worst company pitches are the ones in which the person pitching clearly has not done their homework. They make common mistakes like not getting the journalist’s name or publication right.

The best pitches he has heard were ones where he has met the subject in person and there is some industry or “parallel world” that most people don’t know about and tech is integrated into that life. The most exciting thing for a journalist is when they get to tell a story that no one else has had a chance to cover. Andrii tells a story about brail e-readers as an example of something that really caught his eye.

Andrii believes that value for readers and undiscovered tech is the best chance to get into the media. His advice is to always build a relevant pitch for the specific media you are targeting (i.e. do your homework) and pitch in person if possible.

To listen to the full interview, check out episode 1 of the Get Known podcast below!

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