A free PR strategy review for your company

by Jan 31, 2017PR

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When things are going well, it feels good to share the good news – and the humble, time-tested press release is still a great way to create a buzz around your business. High-quality content boosts your industry reputation, generates reputable links from high-quality sites, and gives your SEO rankings a push in the right direction.

However, unlike Elon Musk, most of us don’t live in a 24/7 world of huge announcements. Even the most exciting growth company goes through quiet periods, which can leave marketing managers frantically looking for something newsworthy to write about. How can you consistently find topics for new press releases without lowering the quality of your output?

Never fear. Write about these 5 topics to avoid boring content once and for all.

San Francisco knows growth companies. We’ve helped over 60 companies build PR and content marketing strategies that delivered exposure in targeted markets across the globe. We care about the success of our clients.

That’s why we would like to invite you to our offices for a chat about your company’s plans. Pop in for an hour, and we’ll review your current PR strategy. We’ll also look at areas that need strengthening, and outline requirements for implementing these changes. No strategy yet? No worries. We can help with that too.

Why is PR strategy important?

A great PR strategy showcases your story and builds credibility with the people who matter most – future customers and investors. The tricky part is actually reaching these people – which channels to use, what targeting factors you apply, how to shape your message, who to contact. Remove the guesswork, pay us a visit and let us help you understand what needs to be done.

Is this pricey?

Our fee? Nothing. Nada. Zilch. We’ve been guiding companies through the PR landscape for the best part of a decade. We know the potential roadblocks, we know who to call to remove them. That’s why we want to help great businesses make the right first steps towards remarkable PR strategies that work. Get in touch – let’s make it big together.