A year of COVID-19 – why does this matter for PR?

by May 10, 2021PR

Reading time: 2 minutes

A journalist once told me that change means news. What may seem irrelevant or not all that exciting to a company can actually become a headline-worthy news article if it’s packaged smartly and offered to key media outlets on time.

We’ve got a year of COVID-19 life behind us and who knows how long we still have to go. However, if you thought that the well of corona-related stories has been sucked dry, you’d be quite wrong. The virus might be old news, but it continues to impact life and business.

Those who find and communicate a fresh take on COVID-19’s effects will earn considerable visibility. While journalists live with their fingers on the pulse of what’s happening right now, anniversaries are the exception.

We’ve all seen articles commemorating historical events or even the birthdays of iconic figures. Now is the time for those corona-related anniversary stories.

So take a moment to consider at least these questions:


Did something change in your business during the past year because of COVID-19? Did a seemingly momentary and extreme shift in customer behavior turn into a trend over the past year? What were the five most common questions you heard time and time again from your customers?

Now let’s broaden that up a bit.

Do you see this behavior persisting for the foreseeable future? Will it impact your whole industry or market in a permanent way?

When you can connect the dots between these observations and trends and the way it’s showing in people’s daily lives, you’ve got the makings of an interesting PR story.

And then the final kicker: do you have data on this and are you ready to speak up about it?

If anything can be said about 2020 and even the current moments is that it is unpredictable. If you can share insight into what’s to come – even when it’s not strictly about the virus – there is a very hungry audience for it. And San Francisco can help you get the attention you deserve.

The writer is San Francisco Agency’s Head of Finnish Media & PR Kristiina Nieminen. She’s an expert in strategic storytelling, building media visibility, and communications strategy. Her idea of relaxation is watching monster and horror movies before bedtime.