5 great press release topics for slow news days

by Jan 27, 2017PR

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When things are going well, it feels good to share the good news – and the humble, time-tested press release is still a great way to create a buzz around your business. High-quality content boosts your industry reputation, generates reputable links from high-quality sites, and gives your SEO rankings a push in the right direction.
However, unlike Elon Musk, most of us don’t live in a 24/7 world of huge announcements. Even the most exciting new startup goes through quiet periods, which can leave marketing managers frantically looking for something newsworthy to write about. How can you consistently find topics for new press releases without lowering the quality of your output?

Never fear. Write about these 5 topics to avoid boring content once and for all.

Important milestones

Let the world know what’s going on behind those walls

A surprisingly large number of companies let these slip by unnoticed. If your company is about to launch a new product, celebrate an anniversary or hire a new CEO, it’s worth sharing.

Industry trends

Stay at the sharp end of your industry

By commenting on the latest innovations in your sector, you will keep people up to date and establish yourself as a thought leader. All industries are constantly shifting due to market forces, new legislation, ethic issues and more. Share your company’s take on new developments, and how they affect both you and the consumer.

In-house knowledge

You’re sitting in a room full of professionals. Use them

Your team is full of people who know their industry inside out. Find out what’s going on in their line of work, then ask for an opinion. Another tactic is to poll your customers and create reports. Also, put out Bachelor and Masters theses requests at nearby higher education centers. Publish their findings and enhance your reputation as a thought leader at the same time.

Seasonal events

Stay topical, remain relevant

The weather, public holidays and special events are all great opportunities for comment. Talk about their impact on sales and the opportunities/threats they present. Highlight the potential effects of upcoming events, and analyze how previous events have influenced the industry.

Make something happen!

Nothing to share? Create your own buzz

Charity partnerships with suitable organizations, donations to worthy causes and local sports team sponsorships are all awesome community outreach activities. If you have inspirational stories associated with your company community, share them.


Finding inspiration for your press releases can be intimidating at first. Keep practicing – aim for consistency and relevance. If you’re passing meaningful information on to the public, you stand a higher chance of collecting those oh-so precious high-quality backlinks. Aim high, target the right distributors and let your high-quality content do the rest. And, if all else fails, use an agency to create content on your behalf!

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